Webinar broadcast date: Tuesday, 8 June 2021

10h30 GMT | 11h30 London | 11h30 Lagos | 12h30 Johannesburg | 13h30 Nairobi 

Access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy is critical for South Africa. As the demand for electricity increases, renewables and gas power provide a powerful combination to address the carbon emissions challenge as well.

Launching at Enlit Africa, the GE Gas power whitepaper highlights how the strategic deployment of gas power and renewables is a critical solution to sustain energy access and reduce carbon emissions in South Africa while in parallel continuing to advance the technologies for low or near zero-carbon power generation. The Whitepaper also discusses the role that gas can play in South Africa’s coal repurposing programme.


Mr Maurice Radebe, Head & director | WITS Business school
Dr MinneshBipath, acting CIO and General manager | South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI)
Nosizwe Dlengezele, Commercial Executive Director | GE’s Gas Power for Sub-Saharan Africa
Brian Gutknecht, Chief Marketing Officer | GE Gas Power