IIoT smart cities

Renewables, energy storage and the future of smart cities

"Without sustainability, the smart cities we envision are likely to remain closer to fiction than reality," Seydou Kane, managing director for Eaton Africa.

JinkoSolar wins PV Magazine Award 2020 for its Tiger monofacial module

Innovation is the key to continued success and reinforces our strong positioning in the global PV industry, states JinkoSolar's CEO, Kangping Chen.
Global Power & Energy Elites publication is back with industry’s stand-out performers

Global Power & Energy Elites back with industry’s stand-out performers

“Every year we endeavour to highlight leaders and projects that challenge the status quo, are stand-out performers in their field and achieve incredible project milestones.”

Stortemelk hydropower project receives recognition for sustainability

"The Stortemelk project is an excellent example of how such assessments are now able to be done remotely." - Joao Costa, IHA’s Head of Sustainability.
Predictions hydrogen

Predictions 2021: Part one, ‘Hydrogen can unlock untapped renewables’

Hydrogen technology can unlock a large amount of untapped renewable energy in Africa, says Ifeoma Malo, CEO of Clean Tech Hub, in her predictions for 2021 and beyond.
MIGA issues $26m in guarantees supporting Escotel Mauritius

MIGA issues $26m in guarantees to Escotel Mauritius’ solar investment

MIGA guarantees will support the provision of electricity to telecommunication network sites in Liberia and Sierra Leone.
energy storage

Innovations in energy storage will reduce carbon emissions

Investment in battery energy storage research is key to reducing carbon emissions and boosting electrification says the newly appointed head of global battery research hub Consortium for Battery Innovation, Dr Christian Rosenkrantz.
solar world record

New solar world record reaches conversion efficiency of 23.01%

JinkoSolar's N-Type solar panels hit a record-high conversion efficiency of 23.01%, breaking the previous world record of 22.39% set by JinkoSolar themselves in January 2020.
Lake Turkana Wind Power to take full advantage of digitisation

Lake Turkana Wind Power to take full advantage of digitisation

Software as a service company Clir Renewables has announced a partnership agreement with the Kenyan-based Lake Turkana Wind Power.
Wyndham City

Wyndham City lays the foundation for its smart city future with...

To prepare its foundational back-office solutions for this data-enriched future, Wyndham City turned to Oracle to deliver an enterprise platform for next-gen operations.

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