Smart Technologies

Automated schemes offer peace of mind during power outages

Backup systems play a critical role in maintaining power supply when short-term low voltage network problems arise. Lucy Electric explains the value of adding automation to this system.


T&D grid

Virtualising national T&D grid to promote the energy transition

In efforts to accelerate South Africa's energy transition, Distributed Power Africa (DPA) is working with X (formerly known as Google X), Alphabet’s moonshot factory, to virtualise the country’s electricity grid.
Just transition

South Africa’s position on just transition crucial to COP26 talks

With COP26 mere weeks away, all participating countries need to align their positions with the Paris Agreement. South Africa’s commitment to the just transition will be a crucial element of its negotiating position.
engineering entrant

Engineering market entrant eyes Africa’s energy, water, telecoms

All infrastructure is ultimately related, as water, energy and telecommunications are essential for growth, says Dr Frank Igboamalu, CEO of the newly established OEG.
Nuclear power

El-Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant in Egypt to bring about economic change

Around 300 jobs have been announced by the nuclear authority in a range of fields, some of which will be at El-Dabaa power plant and others in Cairo.

Tender: Valuation and due diligence of pebble bed modular reactor

The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation SOC Limited invites bids for the valuation and due diligence in respect of the pebble bed modular reactor (PBMR).
cooling refridgeration

Climate friendly refrigerators need to be prioritised in Rwanda

The use of refrigerators has seen a steady uptake in Rwanda raising concerns on their environmental effects. The latest report by the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) analyses this impact.