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Initiate Young Talent Challenge 2019 winning team from Strathmore University

Initiate Young Talent Challenge: Innovators in energy talk efficiency

Project Lead for Initiate Africa, Naz Fredericks interviews two members of the Initiate Young Talent Challenge winning team from Strathmore University.
smart grid

Training to work on a smart grids just got smarter

The Polytechnic University of Milan, collaborating with the Enel Group, has launched a second level international Specialising Master dedicated to training experts in Smart Grids.

First undergrid mini-grid deployment in Nigeria a success

Rocky Mountain Institute, Abadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) and Nayo Tropical Technology have partnered to bring Nigeria’s first rural commercial undergrid mini-grid online.
ICS solar panel

New technology concentrates light into solar cell for an energy boost

Finnish technology company ICS has developed a film solution that concentrates light into a solar cell to increase the power output from...

Report recommends ways to transition to climate-friendly cooling

Coordinated international action on energy-efficient, climate-friendly cooling could avoid as much as 460 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.
giving for infrastructure development

The ethos of giving: Infrastructure is more than bricks and mortar

Unpacking the ethos of giving and development of the invisible infrastructure that supports civil society in Africa through corporate social responsibility.
energy solutions

Africa Energy Generation prize extends to health and agribusiness

The competition rewards creativity, innovation and daring by offering support and training states Astria Fataki, the founder of Energy Generation.

Trans-Africa Projects in association with Mlangeni Foundation

Watch: Trans-Africa Projects in association with Mlangeni Foundation visit Sizanani Primar School to celebrate Nelson Mandela day.
Climate policies

Op-ed: South Africa must comply with carbon tariffs to trade globally

As part of a global shift toward climate change action, carbon tariffs on imported goods are in the pipeline for regions such as Japan, Europe and the US.
green buildings

IFC’s support of green building policies leads to emissions drop

IFC’s support of green building policies, two million tons of greenhouse gases are avoided annually, which is equivalent to removing 426,000 cars off the road.

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