Deadline date: 31 January 2019

The government of the Republic of Mali has obtained a loan from the International Development Association (IDA) to finance the hybrid rural electrification systems project (SHER).

Government plans to use part of the funds to make payments under the consultant contract for the monitoring of the environmental and social compliance of companies in the construction works of hybrid power plants under SHER.

The overall objective of the project is to improve the access of poor rural and peri-urban populations to basic energy services that will achieve the goals of economic growth and poverty reduction.

To sustain the achievements of rural electrification and develop renewable energies, Mali has been chosen as pilot country for the programme of the Climate Investment Fund (FIC) for the Renewable Energy Valuation on a Large Scale (SREP).

One of the components of SREP is the hybridisation of diesel thermal power plants in rural areas. This component implemented by Malian Agency for the Development of Domestic Energy and Rural Electrification (AMADER), financed by IDA, SREP and GPOBA (result-based grant), is the Hybrid Rural Electrification Systems (SHER) project.

One of the components of SHER, in this case, “hybrid production” is: (i) the construction of hybrid power plants in some 50 rural communities; (ii) the extension of the distribution network in localities benefiting from hybrid power plants; (iii) the completion of new customer connections and the installation of individual solar kits at remote customers.

For the construction of hybrid power plants and network extensions by works contractors recruited for this purpose, AMADER must ensure compliance with technical and environmental standards.

To do this, AMADER uses the services of consulting firms to ensure the control of construction sites.

Conducting the construction of SHER power plants, like most projects resulting from projects and / or programmes financed by the World Bank, is governed by environmental and social regulations that commit companies to “respect the laws and regulations stipulated by the World Bank.

Expression of interest

AMADER now invites eligible consulting firms to express their interest in providing the services described above.

Interested consultants must provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and experience relevant to the performance of the services.

The consultant must have good experience in the development and implementation of environmental safeguards related to rural electrification activities with a good knowledge of World Bank policies and national legislation.

Consulting firms must have qualified staff composed of environmentalists, sociologists and specialists in occupational health and safety.

Consultants can partner with other firms to strengthen their respective skills in the form of a solidarity group or a subcontractor agreement.

Expressions of interest must be submitted by mail or sent by email to the address below no later than 31 January 2019 with the following notice:

Malian Agency for the Development of Domestic Energy and Rural Electrification (AMADER) Offer of Demonstration of Interest for the Control of the environmental and social compliance of companies of construction works of hybrid power plants under the SHER.

The address referred to above is: Malian Agency for the Development of Domestic Energy and Rural Electrification (AMADER): AMADER Secretariat: Mrs. SISSOKO Sékoba SISSOKO, Secretary, Hill of Badalabougou building No. 02 ex CRES BP E 715 Tel: (00223) 20 23 85 67, Fax: (00223) 20 23 82 39, Email:;,  Bamako, Republic of Mali.

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