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Eskom Research, Testing and Development (RT&D) has been awarded the 2017 Technology Transfer award by the US-based Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) for research conducted on the 765kV Insulator project on the 7 of February 2018 in California.

The utility said in a statement that the results of the study were implemented in the parameters that guided Eskom in its choice of polymeric insulators for a section of the Kappa Sterrekus 765kV line in the Western Cape.

This section of the line is situated in a coastal environment and therefore it is important to get a reliable insulator, which matches the expected life time of the line.

This is the first project where Eskom has used a single piece polymeric insulator at 765kV.

Technology transfer award

The Electricity Power Research Institute (EPRI) Technology Transfer awards recognise industry leaders and innovators at the vanguard of adopting new technology and spearheading the application of research findings.

Eskom’s RT&D Acting General Manager, Sumaya Nassiep, said: “We are immensely honoured to receive this award and for the recognition of the value realised from our research investment into the insulator space.

“Our research team has excelled in the application of research and technology in solving an operational challenge of both size and significance.”

Nassiep added: “A special congratulations goes to Nishal Mahatho for taking the lead in the project and ensuring that Eskom continues to champion technology within the organisation and across the industry thus driving progress in the electricity sector by providing meaningful benefits for its stakeholders and for society.

“This award is a testament to the immense talent and capability within Eskom in leading technology development and application on a global level.”

“It is an honour to be the recipient of this prestigious award, and is evident of the great collaborative spirit and teamwork that exists between Eskom, EPRI and (Korea Electric Power Corporation ) KEPCO.”

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