Featured image: Eskom

Two years ago, in Oslo, Norway, the training partnership between Eskom, Edupark and the University of Limpopo, was awarded a Global Award in the category “Youth Entrepreneurship.”

This year, at a ceremony held at the Houston Space Centre in Texas, the partnership received the top award in Africa for the category “Innovative and Creative Partnerships.”

Edupark and the University of Limpopo were represented by Adri Williams and Professor Jo Nel.

“Despite our remarkable success with the programme that we manage where we facilitate the training of emergent contractors, undoubtedly, the standards set this year were very high,” Nel said.

Steph Prinsloo, the Eskom programme manager of the initiative, agreed and added that Eskom was proud of its association with the University of Limpopo and its non-profit company, Edupark.

“We will be completing the current contract in March, 2019, but the intention is to continue the training for at least the next three years,” Prinsloo added.

He quoted some astonishing figures, pointing to the achievements of the programme. In total, contracts to the value of approximately R3 billion had been awarded to the students who had completed the programme.

“It definitely does what it is intended to do and is based on the fundamental skills required to conduct business in a highly competitive and global environment,” Prinsloo explained.

Eskom Contractors’ Academy programme

Eskom Contractors’ Academy programme trains emerging contractors in fundamental business skills over an eight-month period to succeed and contribute to their long-term sustainability.

Students attend a study school on campus once a month for a week. The individual modules are accredited by the relevant Sectoral Education Training Authorities.

At the core of the programme, which is conducted in all provinces in South Africa, lies a curriculum presented by the most able facilitators available in the country. It is based on a strong partnership.

Enterprise development is the main goal of the Eskom Contractors’ Academy, with Eskom, Edupark and the University of Limpopo as partners, with specific focus on skills development, job creation and poverty alleviation.