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Energy Generation has launched the 4th Africa Energy Generation Prize (AEGP) and call for projects dedicated to supporting and accelerating the business of talented project owners in energy, health and agribusiness from Africa. 

The call for applications is open from July 15 to August 15, 2020.

Astria Fataki, the founder of Energy Generation, said: “Through this competition, we reward creativity, innovation and daring. We offer young African entrepreneurs excellent support and training in order to contribute to the socio-economic development of the continent through local and innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges of the continent.”

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The competition is open to all young people, residing in Africa and having a project idea or an existing project in the energy sector. However, thanks to the novelty of this 2020 edition, the health sector and agribusiness are included.  

As in previous editions, the proposed projects must promote access to essential services for the greatest number and work concretely for the socio-economic development of the continent through the three identified sectors.

To participate, entrants are requested to complete an online registration form, which includes the production of two presentation videos, one of the candidate and one of the project.

The training offered by Energy Generation allowed me to structure and boost my project.

Victor Masumba, founder of Farm Connect in Zambia

The projects will be selected by an independent selection committee made up of recognised professionals and experts. 

The first three editions of the Africa Energy Generation Prize have enabled young people from all over the continent and from different horizons to develop their project.

Victor Masumba, founder of Farm Connect in Zambia and winner of the AEGP 2017/2018, said: “Following the training offered by Energy Generation allowed me to structure and boost my project. It was a very rich human experience. I had the honour of working with international experts and meeting young entrepreneurs from all over the continent.”

Masumba added: “I was able to develop an MVP and I acquired essential skills to develop my start-up, Farm Connect. Today, it is operational and the Energy Generation team is still by my side, working closely with me on marketing my products and acquiring my first clients.”

Energy Generation prize winners’ package

Building on these previous experiences, Energy Generation has adapted the training for this edition. Ten entrepreneurs, English and French combined, will have the chance to integrate into one of the three Business Schools of Energy Generation, specialising in the three themes of the competition for two years of intensive training.

Energy Generation will also provide student/project leaders with all the tools they need to succeed in their entrepreneurial projects (theoretical and practical modules, maker-space equipped prototyping costs, flanking team dedicated to incubating and product development).

The competition prize winners will graduate from the Energy Generation schools with an internationally recognised diploma of excellence, thanks to a partnership with the College of Paris.

Enter the competition before 15 August 2020.

“In 30 years, Africa will be the youngest continent in the world, so the youth of today have to be aware of the energy issues and take action to be the leaders that the world will need tomorrow,” said Fataki in 2019 as the winner of the AUW Outstanding Contribution Award: Young Leader.