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Research shows recycling method to revive crumb rubber market

BIR Tyres & Rubber Committee discovered that there is a possibility of recycling of ELTs into secondary raw materials for tyres.
energy efficiency

SA industry energy efficiency project wins international award

The SA Industrial Energy Efficiency Project has won the International Energy Project of the Year.

IHA’s new training academy to advance sustainable hydropower

The International Hydropower Association's new training academy will expand and improve knowledge in hydropower sustainability.

Digital Energy Festival update – Day Three festivities

The Digital Energy Festival takes you on a six-week journey into the African energy community with interactive sessions and unlimited networking.
Digital Energy for Africa - women, gender equality

Gender equality at centre of Digital Energy Festival for Africa

“Young women must be deliberate with the choices they make when they enter the sector.”
EV charging power levels

Trends in EV charging power levels

Electric vehicles are considered the most feasible way to achieve clean transportation. But what are the trends in EV charging power levels?
network resilience

How to enable network resilience

Catastrophic events exacerbate the challenge of networks being prone to failures, making it vital for utilities to strive for network resilience.
waste management

Surprising results from waste management innovation

Innovative ways for municipalities to meet their sanitation and waste management obligations even where power or water are in short supply.
virtual reality lighting

Virtual reality influencing public lighting designs

The use of immersive virtual reality as a tool for lighting design is a topic that is drawing great interest in the scientific community.
hydropower eco-friendly

Hydropower: The eco-friendly natural energy choice for Africa

To provide eco-friendly hydropower generation systems, Toshiba conducts research and development at its world-leading hydraulic research laboratory.

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