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An estimation by the World Bank, based on the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Sustainable Development Scenario, indicates that 950GW solar photovoltaic (PV) needs to be installed in developing countries by 2025. Striding ahead on this call to action is an innovative solar module manufacturer, JinkoSolar.

This article first appeared in ESI Africa Issue 1-2020.
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Since its inception, till the end of 2019, JinkoSolar has delivered 55GW, to more than 3,500 customers in 140 countries. The company also announced that it has retained its prestigious title of World’s No.1 Solar Module Company for the fourth consecutive year in terms of shipment.

This declaration came on the background of the company’s key milestones achieved in 2019. Its innovation-driven approach has helped the firm to break efficiency records six times in a row. Within 19 months of its launch in 2018, the Cheetah Mono PERC Module with a 158.75mm cell bagged >10GW of orders. Cheetah proved to be one of the most popular models.

This solar module has hit the “sweet spot” between efficiency and affordability by maintaining a significant edge in terms of cost per watt. The company’s innovative bifacial solution, Swan, with its transparent backsheet, has already garnered projects of 1.7GW in an impressive short span of six months. Whereas the Tiger module is the new ultra-high efficiency gem from the firm’s basket of module offerings. With 20.78% efficiency, Tiger is ready to serve JinkoSolar’s customers through its manufacturing capacity of 10GW.

“Our new Tiger module delivers a significantly higher power output and an easy performance boost that does not require much extra effort for customers to install,” said Kangping Chen, CEO of JinkoSolar. “This is another step forward for us in terms of technology and demonstrates our ability to innovate advanced technologies as we accelerate towards the era of grid parity.”

One of the reasons for this continuous mill of high-efficiency modules is the company’s heavy investment in R&D, including a $50 million overseas R&D centre. On this proud occasion, Dany Qian, Vice President for Branding said: “JinkoSolar is the 1st Solar Module Company across the globe who could achieve so many feats.

No other module manufacturer could exhibit such a high level of capabilities or performance to date. This showcases our commitment to quality, reliability and continuous innovation in our product offerings, and improvements in our manufacturing processes.”

JinkoSolar also received the honour of being the first solar manufacturing company to become a member of RE100 – a collaborative, global initiative of influential businesses committed to delivering 100% renewable electricity globally. The solar company has been the Business 20 (B20) co-chair member for five consecutive years. B20 is the official G20 dialogue with the global business community.

In addition to these milestones, 2019 saw commissioning of the 1.17GW Sweihan Abu Dhabi PV Plant, having one of the world’s lowest tariffs, $2.42 cents per kWh. JinkoSolar’s manufacturing is also geographically diversified with an overseas production capacity of >2GW at the end of 2019. To share in JinkoSolar’s success contact the team today. ESI


  • World’s #1 for four consecutive years
  • 55GW solar panels delivered till 2019
  • 3,500+ customers across the world
  • Presence in 140 countries
  • Broke efficiency record six times
  • 10GW Cheetah sold within 18 months
  • 1.7GW Swan G/B bifacial sold within six months
  • 10GW scale capacity of 20.78% Tiger
  • 21.3% Q3 record high margin
  • 2.42 cents/kWh for 1.2GW project connected
  • B20 Co-chair member for five consecutive years
  • First solar company to be a member of RE100
  • Overseas production capacity exceeds 2GW
  • Overseas R&D centre with a $50 million investment |