Students from South African universities are encouraged to submit an application for sponsorship to attend WindAc Africa conference.

The diverse wind energy sector requires a unique skillset to ensure projects are delivered efficiently, timeously and above all correctly.

Students who are keen to understand the diverse wind energy sector have the opportunity to join experts in the field for an in-depth experience of WindAc Africa.

SAWEA supports local skills development

Delays in the country’s national IPP programme continue; however, the need for experienced technicians within the renewable sector remain.

Brenda Martin, CEO of the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA), explained: “The sponsorship will include complimentary access to the 2-day conference, as well as travel costs for students who do not reside in the greater Cape Town area.”

The sponsorship also includes participation in a workshop to be hosted at the South African Renewable Energy Technology Centre (SARETEC), with a pre-event networking evening.

This programme expands on the WindAc mentoring programme recently announced by SAWEA, which aims to facilitate relationships between young entrants to the Wind Industry and professionals currently working within the renewable energy sector.

The 10-month mentoring programme proactively addresses gender transformation in the sector by giving both female and male students access to inspiring female mentors.

This approach seeks to sensitise the next generation of male business leaders to the challenges faced by women in the energy sector.

“SAWEA is keen to ensure that once mentored students enter the workplace, they will actively promote gender inclusivity and contribute towards positively changing workplace culture,” added Martin.

The student sponsorship application will be open until 31 August 2017. Application forms and requirements for student sponsorship are now available on the WindAc Africa website at


Featured image: WindAc farm visit. Source: SAWEA