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The South African Independent Power Producer Association (SAIPPA) congratulates Minister Gwede Mantashe with his appointment as Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy.

SAIPPA appreciates the massive challenges that the minister, his deputy minister, Bavelile Hlongwa, and the rest of their team face against the backdrop of a country in dire need of clear energy policy and a well thought through plan to transition to a lower carbon economy while creating meaningful jobs.

The task of navigating the country through a complex energy transition is not an easy one and would need careful planning but determined execution, stressed SAIPPA in a statement.

SAIPPA will collaborate with other energy associations and with government to advocate but also assist in the just transition to a lower carbon economy. 

The association believes that with due consultation between the government, business, labour, and civil society, “we can reach agreement on the way forward to ensure we can implement policy to support the goals of the National Development Plan”.

SAIPPA believes that the updated Integrated Resource Plan should be promulgated soon to ensure guidance in the rollout of a least-cost electricity pathway.

“SAIPPA will support policy deviations that assist in managing the complex transition to a lower carbon future if it is well planned and concluded as part of an inclusive process,” the statement read.

“Congratulations Minister! We are looking forward to supporting you in crafting a sustainable future for our country.”

The goals of SAIPPA are to promote the collective interests of IPPs in South Africa, to assist with public policy formation and implementation, and to serve as a platform for information dissemination to its members. We seek broad industry reform resulting in competitively priced, reliable and readily available electricity in a regulatory environment that is transparent, certain and IPP friendly.

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