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*These papers are no longer live. Contact Sahra Heuwel to access these papers.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Utility-scale Renewable Energy Production in Africa – key factors to consider
Stefanie Bourne, Senior Engineer, Project Development Africa, DNVGL South Africa

South African bioenergy/biogas sector overview, and skills needs implications
Gracia Munganga, GreenCape – Waste Economy Programme Manager, South Africa

14:00 – 14:45     
Accuracy enhanced solar maps for South Africa, Zambia and Malawi
Riaan Meyer, Managing Director, GeoSUN Africa, South Africa

15:00- 15:45
Techno-economic analysis of grid–connected urban small wind turbines
Atanda Raji, Senior Lecturer/Researcher, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa

Renewable energy at the local scale: lessons from SA’s embedded generation market
Maloba G. Tshehla, Renewable Energy Sector Desk Manager, Green Cape, South Africa

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Business case of the Kathu 75 MW solar PV project: lessons learnt & next challenges
Alessandro Bragantini, Chief Operating Officer, Building Energy SpA, Italy

How much more renewable energy should we aim for?
Philip Lloyd, Professor, Energy Institute, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa

14:00 -14:45       
Delivering the promise of low-cost concentrating solar thermal power
Johnny Kahlbetzer, Director, Vast Solar, Australia

Smart micro grids for rural electrification in SA
Raj Chetty, Chief Technologist, Eskom, South Africa

Potential of biogas as a renewable and sustainable energy source

Thursday 14 May 2015

Technical lessons from small hydro projects in challenging regions – Zimbabwe case studies
Steve Dixon, Senior Electrical Engineer, Gilbert, Gilkes and Gordon Ltd, United Kingdom

JinkoSolar’s production facility: case study on logistics
Lourens Vermaak, Sales Manager, JinkoSolar, South Africa

Enabling distributed generation and smart grids: Energy storage and grid connectivity

  • Cleverson Takiguchi, Director – Business Development – Africa, &
  • Christopher Goodney, Product Manager – International, S&C Electric Company, USA

Decreasing the cost of STE / CSP power plants
Louis van Heerden, Chairman, Southern Africa Solar Thermal and Electricity Association (SASTELA), South Africa.

Unfolding the potential for maximum local benefit in renewable power generation
Paul Gauché, Sasol Sr. Researcher & TIA Helio100 Director, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Challenges of training for renewables
Manfred Dutschke, GreenCape, Skills Advisor, South Africa