Possibilities for second wind power factory in SA

[img:Suzlon%20w_0.jpg| ]By Antonio Ruffini

15 May 2013 - With South African heavy engineering group DCD having already begun construction of a wind tower factory at the Coega industrial development zone in the Eastern Cape, Suzlon, India’s largest wind-turbine maker, says its plans to build a plant in the country are also advanced.

Rob King, CEO of DCD, has said that there is room in the South African market, which plans for 8,400 MW of wind projects over the next 20 years, for a second or even third local factory. The country’s energy policy has taken a strong stance on localisation and the need for the renewable energy projects being undertaken to ensure technology transfer and create jobs in South Africa.

Financial closure for round 2 REIPPP in South Africa

[img:Report%20d_0.jpg| ]14 May 2013 - South Africa’s renewable energy independent power producer programme (REIPPP) round two has reached financial closure with 19 projects achieving this milestone on May 9th 2013. These projects which should see a capital investment of R28 million comprise wind, solar and small hydro projects totalling 1,043.9 MW.

There are nine solar photovoltaic (PV) projects totalling 417.1 MW, seven wind projects totalling 562.5 MW, one concentrated solar project (CSP) of 50 MW, and two small hydroelectric projects totalling 14.3 MW.

Global solar summit forecasts second phase of growth in PV

[img:ItalyS_0.jpg| ]13 May 2013 - Photovoltaic energy is undergoing an important phase of transition towards consolidation and maturity that will form the basis of a second phase of growth and development at the international level. This was the optimistic statement that ended the second and last day of the Global Solar Summit, the first edition of the international conference staged in Italy, in Milan.

Development of wind energy in Africa

[img:June%202%202008%20Pic%2033_0.jpg| ]10 May 2013 - Existing wind energy output in Africa remains dominated by north African countries, with south and east Africa poised to gain ground. Wind energy’s prospects in west Africa remain limited. This is one of the conclusions of a comprehensive study on the development of wind energy in Africa, by among others Dr Emelly Mutambatsere, principal regional economist, at the African Development Bank (AdB).

Eastern Cape factory to produce wind energy towers

[img:Rob%20King.thumbnail.jpg|Rob King, Managing
Director, DCD
]9 May 2013 - South African energy sector policy requires round two wind energy projects under the auspices of South Africa’s renewable independent power producer programme (REIPPP) to have at least 35% local content (increasing to 40% from round three). As a result heavy engineering group DCD has begun construction of a R300 million wind energy structure factory at the Coega industrial development zone (IDZ) near Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape.

Organic photovoltaics over the next decade

[img:solar_0.JPG| ]By Dr Harry Zervos, Senior Technology Analyst, IDTechEx

8 May 2013 - The first two generations of photovoltaics, wafer-based and thin film devices, have seen mass market adoption in recent years, with different technologies characterised by varying degrees of success. Crystalline silicon platforms are by far the most successful, holding over 80% of market share, but are currently characterised by low profitability. Thin films have found success in markets where large land areas are available (e.g. solar farms) or in parts of the world where weather conditions limit the power output of silicon modules (e.g. humid, hazy regions).

Smart grids and energy storage to determine solar energy growth

[img:ItalyS_0.jpg| ]7 May 2013 - Solar energy will not become an integral part of the energy supply system in Europe until suppliers, including private residences, have unlimited access to the energy grid. In practice, this would mean they could supply their self-produced solar energy to the grid at a profitable rate 24/7. This is not yet the case today, mainly due to the limiting price and supply agreements. Consequently, the development of smart grids and energy storage systems will prove decisive in terms of the growth of solar energy in the coming years.

US$25 million order for Kathu

[img:Loan%20s_0.jpg| ]6 May 2013 - Electrical equipment and engineering group ABB is to provide medium and voltage switchgear, distribution transformers and protection devices for the 75 MW Kathu solar project in South Africa.

The company will also supply an advanced tracking system with a back-tracking algorithm that optimises tracker movement and eliminates shadow on the panels.

Clean Power Africa 2013

Clean Power Africa 2013


Hydro 2013

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Energy related entries in Innovation Prize for Africa 2013 finalists

[img:IPA_0.jpg| ]2 May 2013 - Ten African innovators have developed practical solutions to some of the continent’s most intractable problems. Chosen from more than 900 applications from 45 countries, the finalists for the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) 2013 provide practical examples of Africa’s investment potential.  

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