EU’s PV backsheet market falters

[img:World%20eu_0.jpg| ]21 November 2012 - Europe currently leads the solar PV market, but the ongoing impact of the ongoing Euro zone crisis is expected to lead to a drastic decline, says energy expert GlobalData. In one of its reports it names Europe the largest solar PV backsheet market in the world, with the region accounting for 72.1% of global backsheet installed capacity. However, the maturing market and struggling national finances are expected to cause global solar backsheet revenues to fall in 2012.

Spain fails to sign up for Moroccan Desertec project

[img:solar_0.JPG| ]20 November 2012 - Plans for the first Desertec cooperation project between European Union (EU) member states and Morocco have stalled after Spain failed to attend the official signing of the agreement. Representatives from Morocco, France, Italy, Malta and Luxemburg travelled to Berlin in November 2012 to sign a memorandum of understanding with Germany to begin work on a large-scale solar and wind power project in Morocco.

Globeleq reaches financial close on South African renewable projects

[img:Report%20d_0.jpg| ]19 November 2012 - Globeleq Generation has reached financial close for its three renewable energy projects in South Africa, these being the 138 MW Jeffreys Bay wind farm in the Eastern Cape; the 50 MW photovoltaic (PV) solar farm in De Aar and the 50 MW PV solar farm in Droogfontein, both in the Northern Cape.  Construction is expected to commence shortly and all projects should be fully operational by mid-2014.  

Wind turbine and PV orders in South Africa

[img:65_66Pic3.thumbnail.jpg| ]19 November 2012 - Siemens Energy is supplying renewable energy technology to projects owned by a consortium comprising Mainstream Renewable Power, Globeleq, and local B-BBEE investors Thebe Investments, Enzani and Usizo. Siemens will erect as EPC contractor two photovoltaic power plants with a capacity of 50 MW each. The solar power plants are to be installed in De Aar and Droogfontein in the Northern Cape Province and are scheduled to be connected to the grid in 2014.

Wind turbine with the world’s largest rotor goes into operation

[img:Wind%20Jap_0.jpg| ]16 November 2012 - In October 2012, Siemens Energy has begun field testing of its new 154 m rotor for the 6.0 MW offshore wind turbine in Østerild, Denmark. The SWT-6.0-154 turbine is equipped with the world’s longest rotor blades – each blade is 75 meters in length. With a record rotor diameter of 154 meters, each SWT-6.0-154 turbine can produce 25 million kilowatt hours of clean electricity in offshore locations, enough to supply 6,000 households.

Floating solar field concept

[img:SUNdy_0.jpg| ]15 November 2012 - Researchers at DNV have developed a dynamic floating offshore solar field concept. Dubbed SUNdy, the core feature of the concept is a hexagonal array which floats on the sea surface. A collection of these arrays, totalling 4,200 solar panels, forms a solar island the size of a large football stadium, capable of generating 2.0 MW. Multiple islands connected together make up a solar field of 50 MW or more, producing enough electricity for 30,000 people.

Australia seen as big source of wave power

[img:Voith%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg| ]15 November 2012 - It is estimated that harnessing a small portion of marine energy could solve the world’s energy crisis to a great extent, and Australia’s vast coastline alone is estimated to hold the potential to produce four times the nation’s power needs, claims a new report by GlobalData.

Southern Ocean is considered one of the most consistent sources of wave energy in the world, and Australia has been busy in the marine energy market over recent years in efforts to benefit from this.

Waste to energy in SA

[img:Waste2.thumbnail.jpg| ]14 November 2012 - Municipal waste to energy initiatives in South Africa are in a nascent phase, as finance of these projects is a major challenge. Also, while private sector involvement in various stages of the supply chain is possible, such involvement should be objectively evaluated.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan estimates volumes of municipal waste to power in South Africa 6.5 to 10 MW in 2011. However, the market is set to increase as initiatives from South African metropolitan municipalities come online.

O & M company launched in Africa’s renewable sector

[img:Pius-Gumbi_0.jpg|Pius Gumbi,
CEO, Conco O&M
]13 November 2012 - Conco Operations and Maintenance (O&M), a subsidiary of JSElisted Consolidated Infrastructure Group (CIG), was recently established to deal with the needs of the renewable energy sector across Africa. The company’s launch comes on the heels of the South African government’s announcement to go ahead with 28 wind and solar projects in the first window of its Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer (REIPP) procurement programme.

European Investment Bank backs South Africa’s first solar tower project

[img:Exports%20t_0.jpg| ]12 November 2012 - The European Investment Bank, Europe’s long-term lending institution, has agreed to provide US$63.5 million for the Khi Solar One project. This is the first large concentrated solar power project in sub-Saharan Africa and one of the first private sector renewable energy projects in South Africa.

European Investment Bank support was formally agreed at the financial close of the project during the official closing ceremony for REBID 1 projects.The Khi Solar One project consists of a 200m high tower and more than 4,500 heliostat moving mirrors to reflect light onto the tower.  It is located on a 600 hectare site close to Upington, in South Africa’s Northern Cape province. Jointly owned by Abengoa, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and with Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) involvement, the 50 MW project will be Abengoa´s third commercial solar tower and it’s first outside of Spain.

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