Nigeria's debilitating power supply and aging infrastructure is hampering the increasing population's growth and development. 

Responding to this problem, the Nigerian start-up, Go-Solar-Africa, has found a way that ensures food doesn’t go to waste just as a result of prolonged power outages in the surrounding areas of Lagos, reports TRT World.

The start-up has developed a way to recycle old freezers and turn them into solar-powered coolers to help electricity consumers grappling with power outages easily refrigerate their food.

The developer collects discarded freezers or purchase used ones from dealers to have them refurbished and fitted with solar gadgets.

In the video below, Femi Oye who is the chief architect of the freezers says they have received a lot of interests from students wanting to collaborate in research for the project, adding that there is also international interest.

However he say they have not received much support from the government side.


Plans to restructure Discos

Government in partnership with the World Bank, has tabled plans to restructure the 11 electricity distribution companies (Discos)through the Power Sector Recovery Programme, in this way to also improve confidence in the Discos.

A report compiled to provide insight into the programme explained that the scheme will involve NERC, BPE (Bureau of Public Enterprises), the Discos and other relevant parties. This may also involve the takeover of Discos with degraded financial positions. Read more…


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