Image credit: The Green Building Africa.

In North Africa, Morocco is set to host the tallest wind tower at a hub height of 144 metres.

The tower will be constructed by Spanish group Nabrawind Technologies and it will produce 3.6MW of wind energy.

The tower will use the Self-Erection System (SES), which allows for the installation of a full WTG (tower, nacelle, rotor) without using large-size cranes regardless of the final hub-height.

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The SES is conceived to install the lowermost sections of the tower at the last part of the assembly process. For this purpose, the SES is able to hoist the WTG in intermediate stages and install tower sections under it.

Construction of the tower will use 80m3 of concrete and 10 tonnes of steel, as compared to the 500m3 of concrete and 60 tonnes of steel used by ‘gravitational’ designs.

Works will begin in Q3, with the remainder of the installation taking place “at the end of this year and the beginning of 2020.

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Story source: The Green Building Africa and edited by ESI Africa