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Ministerial officials from Morocco and Finland met on Wednesday to discuss the long-term strategy on the clean energy cooperation.

During a ministerial visit to Morocco, Finnish Minister of Environment, Energy and Housing, Kimmo Tiilikainen, met with Moroccan Minister of Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development, Aziz Rabbah, to discuss the way forward.

Tiilikainen said Finland and Morocco have made strides in transforming into “green and ecological society,” adding that the two countries share the will for further cooperation in the use of energy from renewable sources, XinhuaNet reported.

Leading a delegation of 19 representatives of companies operating in the sectors of water, waste management, energy and the bio-economy, the Finnish Minister is confident that two countries can work together in creating new routes to market and the circular economy.

“Morocco has the assurance of benefiting from our expertise and our solutions in the field of renewable energy,” said the Finnish Minister.

Clean energy

The north African country,  set the target of generating more than half of its power from renewable resources by 2030 adding that it will increase its renewable energy target from 42% by 2020 to 52% by 2030. Read more…

The 42% will comprise of 2 gigawatts each of solar, wind and hydropower.

This ambitious target was set prior to the COP21 climate summit in Paris in 2015.

This target offers huge investor potential for those with a vested interest in the green economy.

According to XinhuaNet, Rabbah highlighted the major reforms undertaken by the Kingdom as part of its environmental and energy strategy, as well as the investment opportunities offered by this sector at all levels.

He also expressed his country’s willingness to draw from Finland’s expertise and solutions in the field of renewable energy.


Featured image: Stock