solar manufacturing expansion
Trinn Solar Yancheng 6.4GW module assembly plant. Source: JA Solar

Solar Module Super League (SMSL) member JA Solar is planning a new manufacturing hub in Qidong Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, China.

The hub will operate 20GW of solar cell production and 20GW of PV module assembly. The development is expected to cost approximately RMB 10. 2 billion ($1.56 billion) over a four-year construction period.

JA Solar signed the investment framework agreement for the new manufacturing hub with the People’s Government of Qidong City, Jiangsu Province.

The project is expected to be built in three separate phases of approximately 6.6GW per phase for both cell and module assembly plants.

The SMSL did not disclose timelines for the massive expansion as an internal review by the board of directors or general meeting of shareholders has yet to be set.

JA Solar’s investment framework agreement for the expansion of its manufacturing hub is expected to cost approximately S$1.56 billion over a four-year construction period.

Solar company’s planned manufacturing expansion

In other news, JA Solar confirmed the go-ahead of plans announced in February 2021 for the investment and construction of the Baotou Phase III 20GW ingot and mono-wafer plant expansion.

This development will cost approximately RMB 5.024 billion ($ 769.4 million) and take around two years to be completed and ramped.

While, in January 2021, JA Solar also announced updated plans for a 10GW solar cell plant in Yangzhou as well as announcing a 6GW module assembly plant at the same location.