wind turbines
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The high-resolution wind resource map for South Africa was launched on Wednesday at the final Wind Atlas for South Africa (WASA) Seminar.

In the keynote address, delivered by Ompi Aphane on behalf of the Department Of Energy’s Director General, he noted that wind energy remains an integral part of South Africa’s renewable energy plan.

“It would be difficult to plan thoroughly for the increased uptake of wind energy if one does not have certainty on wind resource availability.

“Therefore, the need for reliable, accurate and representative data on wind is critical. It is for this reason that the Department of Energy undertook to complete WASA, the wind atlas of South Africa,” he noted.

“WASA constitutes one of the most critical elements of South Africa’s renewable energy efforts due to its contribution to the repository of knowledge about the scale and location of our wind resources. Thanks to the WASA project, South Africa has developed an excellent wind resource assessment capability at key public institutions, namely CSIR, South African Weather Services and the University of Cape Town, which allows for the planning of large-scale exploitation of wind power nationally.

“Secondly, we have also developed critical project management and knowledge management expertise particularly at the South African National Energy Development Institute and the CSIR, which hosts the WASA project database and website,” he added.

For more information around the map you can visit WASA.