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The government of Burkina Faso has received funding from the National Development Association (IDA), and intends to use part of the funds towards payments under the following contract:

  • Environmental and social impact notices (NIES) and resettlement action plans (RAPs) for the construction of 10MWc solar power plants in Kaya and 20 MWp in Koudougou.

Consulting services without being restrictive include:

For environmental and social impact notices in accordance with Annex II of Decree 2015-1187:

    • the presentation of the context and the justification of the sub-project;
    • the summary description of the subproject;
    • the objectives of the study;
    • the description of the methodology to be used to complete the study;
    • indication of options or possible variants;
    • the presentation of the limits of the study;
    • analysis of the initial state of the environment (physical, biological, and socio-economic environment) in the area of ​​direct influence of the works; developing the list of risks and potential negative or positive impacts arising from the subproject and setting priorities;
    • summary analysis of impacts and measures to mitigate / compensate / improve major environmental and social impacts;
    • the definition of the terms of consultation and public participation.

For resettlement action plans (RAPs):

  • the presentation of the context and the justification of the project;
  • the presentation of resettlement principles and objectives in the context of the solar power plant;
  • identification of negative social impacts and measures to minimise relocations;
  • the definition of the methods of consultation and participation of the public;
  • the realisation of the socio-economic survey of the affected populations
  • the presentation of the results of the socioeconomic studies;
  • the presentation of the legal and institutional framework of the settlement;
  • the definition of eligibility criteria;
  • the assessment of the compensation of losses of the inhabitants;
  • definition of resettlement measures;
  • the definition of organisational responsibilities;
  • the definition of the complaints and claims mechanism;
  • the definition of the RAP implementation schedule;
  • the proposal for a monitoring and evaluation system for the implementation of the RAP;
  • the development of the estimated budget for the implementation of the RAP.

Invitation to tender

Sonabel now invites eligible consulting firms to express their interest in providing the services described above.

Interested consultants must provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and experience in performing the services.

The criteria for the establishment of the consultants list are:

the qualification to perform the above services (presentation and organisation of the consultant, references to the execution of contracts during the last five years, experience under similar conditions, etc.).

The consultants must attach to their expression of interest the cover pages and design of similar markets and the certificates or certificates of performance of said contracts.

Consultants may partner with other firms to strengthen their respective competencies in the form of a solidarity group or a consortium agreement, including junior consultants to teams.

Interested consultants may obtain additional information at the address below and at the following times every business day: 8:00am to 12pm and 13:00pm to 15:00pm.

National Electricity Company of Burkina (SONABEL),

55 Avenue de la Nation, 4th floor,

01 BP 54 Ouagadougou 01 – Bur of Elecina Faso


Expressions of interest written in English are to be submitted in three copies of which one original and two copies to the address below in person or by email no later than 01 August 2018 at 9:00am.

National Electricity Company of Burkina (SONABEL), 

55 Avenue de la Nation, 4th floor,

01 BP 54 Ouagadougou 01 – Burkina Faso

Tel: (+ 226) 25 30 61 00


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