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Green energy solutions provider Asteven Group has launched a renewable energy academy in the Nigerian state of Ogun.

The academy will train students to become vendors, developers, installers, technicians and service providers of renewable energy technologies.

The academy is the first on renewable energy in Nigeria, according to Asteven Group. The development falls under efforts to help expand Nigeria’s renewable energy portfolio for the West African nation to secure its energy supply against growing demand.

Dr Sunny Akpoyibo, CEO at Asteven Group said the academy will help improve the country’s renewable energy workforce in an effort to boosts capacity generated locally and reduce reliance on energy imports.

Energy access

MY Akpoyibo added that the initiative will contribute to improving access to affordable and clean energy to under-served and consumers currently not connected to the main grid, in addition to helping Nigeria reduce its carbon footprint.

Graduates will receive global certifications.

To date, 60% of the Nigerian population does not have access to modern electricity and 94% of connected consumers are served energy generated from fossil-fuels, according to the solutions provider.

Despite the majority of the Nigerian population lacking access to modern energy, the government has implemented a number of measures to improve energy services.

Measures include partnering with the private sector and international organisations and programmes to fund energy projects.

In mid-February, the Nigerian government, Power for All, US Global Development Lab, Power Africa, USAID-Nigeria, as well as FHI360 – a newly formed taskforce, announced a partnership to drivie access to modern, clean and affordable electricity. Read more…

The launch follows Asteven Group installing approximately 20MW of renewable energy capacity equivalent to avoiding 20,744 tonnes of carbon emissions per year, in Nigeria.