Renewable energy

SAPVIA comments ahead of Suntech Solar legal case against the dtic

The South African Photovoltaic Industry Association responds to being named as a respondent in an application filed by Suntech Solar against the minister in the Department of Trade Industry and Competition.


Nigeria to collaborate with Egypt to boost power supply

The federal government in Nigeria is planning to explore different opportunities to collaborate with the government of Egypt to boost power supply in the country.
Off-grid energy access

Off-grid energy access regulation approved by Mozambican government

Mozambique joins its neighbouring countries by putting in place the Regulation for Off-Grid Energy Access, which will provide greater clarity for all stakeholders in the sector.
energy wind sector

Fresh energy for the wind sector in the wings

SAWEA and the Energy Water Sector Education Training Authority have signed a memorandum of understanding to encourage young professionals to enter the energy sector.
solar conversion efficiency

Women entrepreneurs lighting up Nigeria through solar

A nonprofit, teaching women how to sell and use solar-powered lights and other equipment, building their entrepreneurial skills, received grant funding to use data to propel their impact.
Green hydrogen insights

Solving the green hydrogen chicken and egg problem

Production costs of green hydrogen inhibit demand, making investments in wide-scale production that could compress costs too risky.
climate change

Tracking countries climate action IRL shows needle isn’t moving

Momentum to update 2030 targets for climate action has stalled since May, with no major emitters releasing stronger climate targets, says a new analysis released today by Climate Action Tracker.