ESI Africa had a chat with Conlog to gauge the current landscape of metering in Africa and uncover the solutions the company offers.

“The landscape of metering in Africa is quite interesting at the moment because there are several drivers on the African continent that are moving the sector into a more smarter space,” noted Conlog’s executive for marketing, Viven Perumal.

Perumal noted, “not only as people in 2019 find themselves without power you got a lot of political pressure, legal regulation that’s driving the need for metering and cash collection. So it’s more of a revenue management for the utility so that utilities can find themselves in a cash positive situation to actually provide the services that the African citizen needs.”

Responding to a question about the future vision for metering in Africa, Selvan Govender, Conlog’s solutions architect, underscored that the energy space is in a transition as it moves into the fourth Industrial Revolution with everything being online and interconnected “we are see metering being a part of that ecosystem,” he noted.

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