Non-technical losses or energy theft are a widespread and costly issue for public utilities and private energy companies across the globe. The cost of identification and revenue recovery are additional costs that utilities have for decades grappled with.  
One such utility, CK Energy
(which serves the ancient city of Istanbul) has in recent years halved its non-technical losses through the use of data analysis and process automation.

Want to know more?

Join this fascinating webcast to understand first hand from Serhan Ozhan (CIO and CTO of CK Energy) about the challenges they faced, the approaches they took and lessons they learned.

What you will take away with you:

  • Practical lessons learned in revenue management and loss reduction
  • Gain insight into how data analytics can protect your revenue
  • Understand the role that process automation will play in securing revenue from technical and non-technical losses


  • Nauman Afsar, Regional VP MEA & Turkey Oracle Utilities 
  • Serhan Ozhan CIO, CTO CK Enerji