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New prepaid electricity meter enters the private property market

Conlog announced the launch of a new prepaid electricity meter, the BEC 21 targeted for the private property segment. With the release of this new product, the focus for Conlog is to promote fit-for-purpose solutions for metering. 

The new smart meter is rated 60A, is internationally certified and provides its users with advanced protection, multiple tamper detection features – while being simple and intuitive to use.

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Gugu Masina, Conlog’s marketing and brand manager, explained: “This is the first product that is designed and built in Africa for this segment of the market and Conlog is proud to launch it. The meter is innovative and technologically advanced, which is a key part of the Conlog DNA.”

Masina added: “Conlog is driven by a clear vision- Enriching lives by connecting people and resources. The BEC 21 is an articulation of this vision, it defines what matters to Conlog, represents what we stand for and who we are. It is a spirit that drives us to explore exciting new frontiers and transform segments.”

Desigan Govender, Conlog product manager, said: “The private property segment is unique in many ways – one of the key distinctions is the demand for fit-for-purpose, value based solutions. Our customers want solutions that have relevant features, meet the mandatory legal requirements, and are able to provide many years of service under harsh grid conditions. The BEC21 meets these needs, and strengthens our product offer in this segment.”

About Conlog

Conlog is a global leader in metering solutions for utilities, municipalities, and property management companies with a footprint spanning South Africa, South America, the Middle East and Africa at large, having sold to over 90 Utilities that are benefiting from our offering. Conlog has also installed over 10 million smart meters to households around the world, making Conlog the largest installed base.

Conlog is based in Durban, South Africa, has presence in Midrand, Johannesburg and Operations in Nigeria.

Conlog specialize in providing prepayment solutions for the delivery of electricity services. Our broad product offer encompasses prepayment meters, vending, revenue management, maintenance, support and consultation, as well as a dedicated and accredited training facility for all aspects of prepayment. This comprehensive and holistic approach enables customers to reap the full benefit of their investment and ensures sustained success, into the future.