In an extensive interview with ESI-Africa and Smart Energy International, Conlog CEO Logan Moodley unpacks the business ethos behind Africa’s leading metering manufacturer.

Moodley is beaming with excitement following the opening of the company’s new high-tech facility in Dube TradePort, Durban. He explains that doing good can also make business sense as the company aims to be a partner in growing communities in Africa.

He says, “the new purpose of the business… speaks to enriching lives by connecting people and resources. That can play out in a number of ways: [firstly] by the environment we create here; we’ve certainly enriched the lives of people giving them a more collaborative more open environment to work in. I think it’s done a lot for the business in terms of creating some appreciation for the brand and for us being a valuable employer in the sector.

“But also it allows people to understand that what we do here is more than sell a meter, more than design and manufacture a meter, it’s about premium access to energy and for every meter that leaves the building today. We stopped counting the Rand or the Dollar attached to it, we started counting the lives that it impacts.”

Watch the full interview above to learn more about Conlog’s future plans.

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