Lagos State enters MoA to provide citizens with uninterrupted power

Low-income areas have been identified for a pilot phase of 20,000 meters in an agreement signed between the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in Lagos State, Nigeria, Ikeja Electric and Sahara Power Group.


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Nigeria: Technicians learn new skills through metering initiative

MOJEC International partnered with Sahara Foundation, Energy Training Centre and Ikeja Electric to train up to 10,000 metering personnel through an end-user Metering Capacity Building programme in Lagos.
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Nigeria’s National Mass Metering Programme to commence next phase

In a move to reduce estimated billing by Discos, the Federal Government of Nigeria is providing up to four million meters to Nigerians in the second phase of its National Mass Metering Programme (NMMP).

Conlog: Guiding the market with purposeful leadership

Conlog’s journey spans over half a century of a proudly South African company stepping into the forefront of manufacturing and offering utility management solutions to customers across four continents.

Accelerating growth in emerging markets

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AMI transforms utility delivery

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Conlog is open for business in Nigeria

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