Ed’s note: Without technology, utilities will fail during- and post-COVID-19

Amid the 2020 global socio-economic upheaval, steady movement can be seen in the power and energy markets where utilities have embraced technology.
cost-reflective tariffs

Electricity distribution operators survived COVID-19 emergency

Electricity distribution operators successfully kept the lights on for the world during the lockdowns imposed in the initial stages of COVID-19 emergency.
free basic electricity

Liberia embarks on a cost-reflective electricity pricing study

In efforts to attaining cost-reflective electricity pricing, the Liberia Electricity Regulatory Commission has begun a Cost of Service Study.
csir report loadshedding

City Power warns of possible load rotation

On Thursday, Johannesburg's City Power announced to its customers that they may need to impose daily “load rotation” in some areas where electricity infrastructure is overloaded.
Nigeria Siemens

Nigeria: FG pushes conclusion of the electricity deal with Siemens

The federal government (FG) of Nigeria has directed several ministries to conclude the engagement with Siemens to commence the pre-engineering and concessionary...
status of the system

Eskom CEO declares Status of the System making good progress

In its Status of the System briefing, Eskom provided details of the company’s operational performance and system outlook for the winter period.
utility revenue

Utility revenue shortfall, no problem just hike the tariff

South Africa's power utility is making customers pay for its poor business management through increased electricity tariffs to cover its revenue shortfall.
electricity prices

OUTA warns: Electricity prices to go up even more than expected

The amount approved by NERSA translates to an additional 3% per annum increase on electricity prices on top of the 9% per year already approved last year.
crisis management

Crisis management: Utilities under siege

The ESI Africa logo on the front cover of this edition takes on a visual representation of our support for the industry in times of crisis management.

Twenty years of power and energy engagement goes on

African Utility Week, along with ESI Africa, has spent the past two decades closely mirroring the growth of Africa's energy, power and water value chains.

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