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Zambia: media tasked to promote benefits of nuclear

Zambia’s Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, Kampamba Mulenga, has recently called on media to assist in driving a nuclear education campaign amongst the country’s residents.

Mulenga said as the country is planning to build a nuclear power plant, it is crucial that communities are adequately informed of the benefits to dispel any potential rumours associated with nuclear such as disasters and deformities in children, Times of Zambia reported.

“This is a myth that we need to dispel. There is need for more outreach programmes in communities so that people have correct information about nuclear energy,” she said.

The minister was speaking during a National Nuclear Awareness Coordinating Committee meeting in Lusaka.

Mulenga expressed concern that most of the available information on nuclear has a negative connotation, which has created a strong dislike towards this energy resource amongst Zambians. Read more…

Nuclear energy reporting

The minister said more journalists should be trained in nuclear energy reporting to help them report factually and write comprehensive articles about the benefits of the energy source.

Mulenga said nuclear should be championed due to the benefits that it promises when developed like helping improve farming yields in agricultural productivity.

Committee national coordinator Reuben Katebe said a nuclear energy plant when established has the potential to create more than 10, 000 jobs and this would also result in Zambia being an energy powerhouse.

Katebe said the government’s plans to also build a nuclear medicine centre would build a stable power source and help boost agriculture and its value chain through research and use of radiation in improving the farm yields among other things.


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