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Zambezi River Authority chief executive director, Munyaradzi Munodawafa, is hopeful that water levels at the Kariba dam will soon improve because of increasing inflows

Munodawafa told Times of Zambia that due to increasing water flow from the Mwinilunga and Barotse plains into the Kariba dam, water levels are expected to improve within a period of two months.

He said, “As a matter of fact, the water inflow from the Barotse plains has increased, making it possible to produce sufficient water to gain high levels at the [Kariba dam] power plant.”

During an interview with the Times of Zambia, Munodawafa disclosed that two upstream reservoirs, the Devil’s Gorge and the Batoka Basin, are planned for construction to stretch the water inflows to Kariba Dam for later use.

500MW power generation

According to the Authority’s director, the country’s current power generation capacity of 500MW should be sufficient for power production. However, when water levels are at their normal height, the full capacity of power generation would normally stand at 1,050MW.

Times of Zambia reported that at present Zambia’s power generation is standing at a low of 12% compared to 65% of water current when water levels are high.

[quote]In order for the situation to be turned back to normal, Munodawafa said the Kariba Dam would require at least two seasons of healthy water flows for it to attain its normal levels, and improve power generation capacity.

Incorrect reports about Kariba water levels

In a separate statement, Lovemore Kanyama, the Commissioner of Siavonga District condemned recent social media comments, which he said have been spreading incorrect information about the water levels at Kariba.

According to local media, of late there has been news stating that the water levels at the dam have increased, accusing the Zambian government of incompetence in allowing the prolonged power cuts to continue.

“While people are saying this on social media, a view of [the] dam at present clearly indicates the reality of the water levels at the dam.

“One can see some of the anti-vortex beams which are currently exposed due to low water levels in the lake,” Kanyama said.