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Webinar recording: Power Strategy: Energy mix and operating models

South Africa’s power utility Eskom is broke and, according to energy experts, no amount of government bailout will fix the problem.

The country’s historical power strategy of managing large-scale assets, centralised generation, and monopoly distribution is shifting and putting pressure on traditional fossil fuel generation and on policy to swiftly change direction. 

In this power strategy webinar, which follows on from a conference session that took place at African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa, we will continue the discussion into unpacking the way forward and recommendations to map out the energy future for South Africa through the IRP and other policy guidelines.

Listen to learn more on:

  • The role of municipalities in South Africa’s IRP
  • The scenarios of an unbundled utility landscape
  • The transition from the predominant use of fossil fuels
  • The best-cost scenario for supplying energy


Nhlanhla Ngidi, Head of Energy & Electricity, SALGA

Vuyelwa Mahanyele, MD for Gas & Power Systems, General Electric

Neeraj Sanjay Mense, Consultant: Energy & Environment, Frost & Sullivan MEA

Silas Zimu, CEO, Africa Energy Corporation

Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl
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