The newly approved Togo Energy Sector Support and Investment Project (TESSIP) has received a $35 million grant from the World Bank through the International Development Association (IDA) credit.

The project is expected to help improve the operational performance of the power sector and increase access to electricity in the capital city, Lomé.

Commenting on the development, Pierre Laporte, World Bank country director for Togo said: “TESSIP will help Togo in reaching its goals of increasing access to reliable and competitively priced electricity, which is essential for business development, job creation, income generation and international competitiveness.

“Moreover, it will help create an environment likely to ensure the financial viability of the energy sector so that the private sector can engage in power generation and along the entire value chain.”

Togo energy penetration

Although Togo’s performance is improving in terms of energy access, the power system is still facing major issues on security of supply, reliability and efficiency.

The main challenge of the sector is maintaining improved access and promoting national autonomy in supplying energy at reasonable cost, while diversifying sources, including in clean and renewable forms.

The World Bank stated that TESSIP will finance the rehabilitation and reinforcement of the medium and low voltage systems in Lomé, and the expansion of the network with new connections. Read more…

In addition, the new project will help reduce technical and commercial losses and promote improvements in the management of the national power utility, the Compagnie d’énergie électrique du Togo (CEET), while increasing its cash flow and financial performance by improving billing collection.


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