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Total Tanzania has revealed plans to expand its investment into renewables with a strategic focus on solar energy and bio-energies.

“For Total contributing to the development of renewable energies is as much a strategic choice as an industrial responsibility,” said the vice-president for Total East and Central Africa, Jean Christian Bergeron.

“We are doing our part to diversify the global energy mix by investing in renewable, with a strategic focus on solar energy and bio-energies,” Bergeron added.

The company’s investment on renewables is complimenting the government’s efforts to generate sufficient electricity for smooth implementation of the industrialisation drive and assuring off-grid population access reliable and cost efficient power.

Currently, the government is executing natural gas power projects at Kinyerezi area in Dar es Salaam and has initiated 2,100MW Stiegler’s Gorge power project expected to be completed over a period of 36 months.

Expansion of hydropower

Recently, the Minister of Energy, Dr Medard Kalemani, indicated that the construction of Stiegler’s Gorge Power Generation Project is anticipated to begin in July this year.

The hydropower project will see the construction of the largest dam in Tanzania along the Rufiji River in the Selous Game Reserve, and will have an installed capacity of at least 2,100MW. Read more: Stiegler’s Gorge power project to commence construction

Stiegler’s Gorge power generation project is expected to end Tanzania’s power woes and sustain local industries with electricity and enable the country sell surplus power to neighbouring countries.

It is reported that government has set aside $307 million for this hydropower project.

“The government has so far evaluated the tenders for the Stiegler’s Gorge hydropower project that will help Tanzania in its quest to graduate into an industrial economy by 2025,” said Kalemani.