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Storage and DER to improve delivery of smart energy solutions

A new report released by Navigant Research, explores the relationship between energy storage and smart cities with focus on relevant applications as well as drivers and barriers.

The report titled, Smart Cities and Energy Storage, highlights the emergence of energy storage solutions in conjunction with the deployment of distributed energy resources (DER) will improve the delivery of smart energy solutions in smart cities.

Growth of energy storage

According to the report, energy storage has experienced significant growth in the past 2 years due in part to its unique ability to support the deployment of flexible energy capacity.

The emergence of energy storage’s ability to make DER more flexible, less carbon-intensive, and more resilient is redefining how smart energy solutions can support the sustainability needs of an integrated smart city technology and solutions platform.

“Smart energy technologies such as energy storage will increasingly be called on to address the sustainability needs of the urban energy transformation now underway,” says William Tokash, senior research analyst at Navigant Research.

“Specifically, energy storage is now poised to support the delivery of low carbon DER to reduce peak energy use and improve the resilience capabilities of urban landscapes by enhancing access to reliable electricity supply.”

The research report

The role that energy storage could play in smart cities is another core focus of the research, in addition to how smart cities can drive the deployment of energy storage.

The study provides an overview of energy storage applications within cities, including drivers and barriers for energy storage, and discusses how energy storage works within an integrated energy as a service framework.

It also analyses the role of energy storage in the delivery of low carbon peak energy and improving resilience.


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