stage 1 loadshedding
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On Monday, South African power utility Eskom announced that it would be implementing Stage 6 loadshedding following a technical problem at the Medupi Power Station.

The parastatal said on social media that Stage 6 is “no cause for alarm as the system is being effectively controlled.” Stage 6 requires 6,000MW to be rotationally loadshed.

After a weekend of rolling outages due to unplanned breakdowns peaking at 12,300MW, the utility is battling to keep the lights on for South Africans.

Stage 6 was implemented throughout the night and has been reduced to Stage 4 for Tuesday [10 December] until further notice.

Interestingly, on the same day that Medupi encounters issues, the South African President pinned the below tweet to his public Twitter feed:

ESI Africa will provide regular updates should the system progress further than Stage 6.