small scale hydropower
Small Scale hydropower projects developing across Africa could change what the energy sector accepts as baseline power.

Considering falling precipitation and changing weather patterns throughout Africa, the business case for small scale hydropower in decentralised areas is looking up  – from opportunities in the maintenance of projects to creating hybrid hydropower technology for mini-grids and exploring productive use of power in standalone projects.

  • What then are the skills needed on the ground to drive and upscale the use of small scale hydropower in isolated communities?
  • How is private sector financing stepping up to explore this sector?
  • What are the best practices being identified around skills needed to drive and upscale the use of small scale hydropower in isolated communities?

The South African Hydropower Atlas: an evaluative framework to quantify hydropower potential – Anja Bekker, University of Pretoria, South Africa

A Developer’s perspective on GETFIT type hydro procurement programmes – Anton-Louis Oliver, Managing Director, REH Group South Africa & Eben de Vos


Wim Jonker Klunne |Small Scale Hydropower Expert, Hydro4Africa, South Africa


  • Carol Rosenlund |Head of Africa, International Centre for Hydropower, Norway
  • Chris Bale | Chief Executive Officer, responsibility Renewable Energy, Kenya
  • Dan Marlone | HYPOSO Project Manager, Hydro Power, Association of Uganda

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