floating nuclear power plant
Akademic Lomonosov floating nuclear power plant. Source: Rosatom

One-of-a-kind floating nuclear power plant (FNPP) Akademic Lomonosov has been fully commissioned in Pevek, the Chukotka region in far-east Russia.

Andrei Petrov, Director of Rosenergoatom (the electric energy division of Rosatom), the subsidiary responsible for the FNPP project implementation, signed the relevant decree.

The FNPP started providing electricity to the isolated grid of the Chaun-Bilibino energy centre of Chukotka on 19 December 2019. The plant has already generated over 47.3 million kWh of electricity since being connected to the grid.

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“Today we can consider the floating nuclear power plant construction project successfully completed. We finished our main task for this year – fully commissioned the FNPP in Pevek, Chukotka region. Today, it officially becomes the 11th nuclear power plant in Russia and the northernmost one in the world,” Andrei Petrov noted.

Earlier, the directorate of Rostechnadzor, Russia’s technical, nuclear and environmental watchdog, carried out an inspection of the project. Based on its results, the FNPP received a “statement of conformity”. This document verifies that the FNPP is built in accordance with all project documentation requirements.

Additionally, the project received approval from Rosprirodnadzor, the executive authority controlling and supervising activities in the field of environmental management.

Receiving these documents means that the FNPP fully adheres to all norms and regulations, including sanitary, epidemiological, environmental, fire safety, construction requirements and federal standards.

Currently, it covers 20% of the Chaun-Bilibino energy centre demand. The FNPP will become the main energy source for Chukotka following the Bilibino NPP shutdown.