Power generation is the process of producing electric power from sources of primary energy. Energy resources can be classified in three categories namely renewable, fossil, and nuclear. Within the generation categories renewable comprise of wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and hydropower. Fossil fuels include coal, petroleum, natural gas For utilities in the electric power industry, generation is the stage prior to the delivery of power to end users (transmission, distribution, etc.) or its storage (using, for example, the pumped-storage method). Electricity generation is carried out in power stations also called power plants.

Zimbabwe will pay US$70 million towards Kariba South

[img:Zesco%20w_0.jpg|Kariba dam ‒ Zambia
and Zimbabwe reach
agreement on Kariba
]Harare, Zimbabwe --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 25 November 2011 - The government of Zimbabwe has agreed to pay Zambia US$70 million as its contribution towards the construction of the Kariba South power station on the Zambezi River, which divides the two countries.

Daily newspaper “The Herald” reports that payment is expected to end a standoff that has stalled co-operation between Zambia and Zimbabwe on the so-called Batoka power project.

The Angolan power network continues to grow

[img:Emanuela_0.gif|Angolan minister
of energy and water
Emanuela Vieira Lopes
]Luanda, Angola --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 25 November 2011 - Angolan minister of energy and water Emanuela Vieira Lopes, says that as from next year the energy sector will increase the supply of electricity to 11 additional areas of the country, through the operation of new stations that will generate another 424.5 Megawatts (MW).

US prepared to assist Nigeria in developing energy sector

[img:Agreements%20S_0.jpg| ]Abuja, Nigeria --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 24 November 2011 - The United States has expressed its willingness to partner with Nigeria in the development of its energy sector in line with world best practices.

Cynthia Akuetteh ‒ director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the State Department Bureau of Energy Resources ‒ praised the Federal Government's power sector reform agenda, and said the U.S. was ready to help in the efficient implementation of the programme.

Zambia wants Chinese to speed up Kariba power project

[img:Zesco%20w_0.jpg|Kariba ‒ North Bank
extension to be
]Lusaka, Zambia --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 23 November 2011 - The government of Zambia has called on the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (Zesco) to ensure that Sino-Hydro Power Company ‒ the Chinese company contracted to upgrade the Kariba North Bank extension power project ‒ speeds up its work to boost electricity supply in the country.

Energy storage capacity set for 100-fold increase

[img:Pike%20-%20Pic%201%20(2)_0.gif| ]Boulder, United States --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 22 November 2011 - International energy storage is poised to reach a turning point with worldwide energy storage capacity projected to rise from 121 megawatts (MW) in 2011 to 12,353 MW in 2021 ‒ a 100-fold increase over a 10-year period.

Revealing this, a Pike Research survey released here said that this equated to just over US$122 billion of investment in energy storage projects over the same period.

New Uganda mini-hydro dam switches on today

[img:Ishasha_0.jpg|Water falling from
the Ishasha Mini-Hydro
Power plant in Kanungu
]Kampala, Uganda --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 22 November 2011 - The Ishasha Mini Hydro Power Plant in Kanungu District of Uganda will be switched on to the national grid today as the country grapples with power outages.

The 6.5 megawatts (MW) mini-hydropower dam, construction of which began in June 2008, is expected to be commissioned by President Museveni amid expectations that the increased load-shedding will be reduced in the south-western region of the country.

ZESA renounces power deal with the Chinese

[img:Zesco%20-da_0.jpg|Kariba, as seen from
the Zimbabwean side
]Harare, Zimbabwe --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 22 November 2011 - The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority, (ZESA) has renounced the memorandum of understanding clandestinely signed between the Zimbabwean treasury and Chinese conglomerate Sino Hydro for the expansion of the Kariba South hydro-electric power project, opting for a more transparent tender process.

U.N. Secretary-General calls for help with energy in Africa

[img:Moon%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|United Nations
Ban Ki-moon
]New York, United States --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 21 November 2011 - United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for greater support of efforts to provide 600 million people in Africa with affordable and sustainable energy to help the continent accelerate social and economic development.

Nigeria heading for total darkness

[img:Darkness_0.jpg|Nigeria’s PHCN ‒
literally at a
]Abuja, Nigeria --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 18 November 2011 - It is only a matter of days before the entire country is thrown into total darkness, following a strike embarked on by workers in the Nigerian power sector.

Already, most states of the federation are in darkness with access to Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) services across the country impossible as a result of the protest.

Eskom says maintenance will not cause power cuts

[img:Outages%20-%20Pic%201_0.jpg|Major maintenance
at Eskom power stations
will not cause power cuts
]Johannesburg, South Africa --- ESI-AFRICA.COM --- 17 November 2011 - South African national power utility Eskom Holdings has promised that major maintenance work at its power stations will not cause power cuts.

Reporting this undertaking, “Times Live” said that the power utility had stressed the importance of reducing electricity demand during the maintenance work.

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