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CNEEC-Sinohydro Consortium, responsible for the development of the 700MW Zungeru hydroelectric power plant, has confirmed that the project is now 47% complete.

The deputy project manager, Xiao Nie, informed the media of this development during a tour to the $1.2 billion project site in Zungeru, Niger State, the Daily Trust reported.

Media noted that Zungeru hydroelectric power, made up of four units of 175MW each, was expected to be completed in 2020 following its launch in 2013.

Zungeru hydroelectric power plant

Nie is confident that the first phase of the project will be unveiled by December 2019 while the remaining units would be launched after every three months, media reported.

He said the project consists of a storage reservoir with a maximum operation water level of 230 metres, and total storage capacity of 11.4×109m3.

He added that the power project has an annual power generation of 2,640GWh, and is also expected to generate and supply electricity to the national grid.

“It [Zungeru hydroelectric power] will also be helpful for the flood control, the development of fisheries and agriculture. The navigable period and the length of the fairway will also be extended,” he said.

Hydropower generation developments

Recent developments around hydropower generation plants is on the rise in Nigeria. In June, the energy minister, Babatunde Raji Fashola, indicated that the 3,050MW Mambilla hydropower plant in Taraba State is still going ahead.

The minister stated to have received a ‘No Objection’ certificate from the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP), which signifies that the ministry is ready to go forward and seek the Federal Executive Council’s (FEC) approval for the contract to be awarded. Read more…

The Mambilla hydropower plant has been on the cards for over two decades now and will be connected to three dams across the Donga River in the Taraba State.


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