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Nigeria to collaborate with Egypt to boost power supply

The Minister of power, Abubakar Aliyu, has announced that the federal government in Nigeria will be exploring different opportunities to collaborate with the government of Egypt to boost power supply in the country.

Aliyu made this announcement during a visit to him by the ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Nigeria, Ihab Awad, on Tuesday.

The minister said: “I am aware of the meeting you had with my predecessor, which led to a draft memorandum of understanding that was sent to us from the Ministry of Foreign affairs. And the invitation extended to us by your government to visit Egypt.

“Your visit now is giving us an opportunity to re-energise this collaboration. You have mentioned how you have succeeded in solving the problem of power in Egypt.”

Aliyu added that the federal government would reactivate the collaboration between the two countries and also give a response on when a team from the ministry of power can visit Egypt.

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According to the Nigerian ministry, the parties would discuss and set up a team that will come up with key points and areas the federal government can engage with the government of Egypt.

Earlier in the year consultation between the two governments took place in the area of collaboration between Nigeria and Egypt in the area of power generation.

“We also concluded that an MoU could provide the political, leading framework so that collaboration could be developed. On the basis of that, the invitation was extended on leading a high power delegation from the ministry of power to visit Egypt to discuss and examine the specific areas of collaboration,” Aliyu said.

“During my former visit to the ministry, we also came to a common understanding that there was a need for collaboration between your government and our country in the area of revitalising and renewing power generation.”

Ambassador Awad said that the future is in renewable energy adding that during the consultation, the discussion also took place on the potential of sharing experience in the area of solar energy generation.

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