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Mozambique needs 100 MW a year

According to Pascoal Bacela, Mozambique’s national director of electricity at the ministry of energy, the country must add up to 100 MW of generation capacity a year to keep up with the power demands.

Demand at peak time in Mozambique stands at about 800 MW and is outstripping available capacity. “The capacity available does not reach the 800 MW. We are at the level of 700 MW roughly. We have been managing that through imports from other utilities.”

The government and private companies in Mozambique are investing in new electricity generation capacity, with projects ranging from hydro, coal and gas-fired powers plants. Mozambique is expected to see economic growth of around 8% in 2014 and 2015, a Reuters poll showed during 2013, after an estimated 7.1% expansion that year.

The country is seen as an African success story and is blessed with big coal and natural gas reserves, which have attracted foreign investors and raised power demand. Major foreign companies investing in Mozambique include Brazil’s Vale, Rio Tinto, US oil company Anadarko and Italian oil and gas group ENI.