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Morocco solar home market boon

Swift action by the National Office for Electricity and Potable Water (ONEE) to gain traction in Morocco’s Solar Home System (SHS) initiative has contributed to almost all rural areas being connected to electricity.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Morocco has around 128,000 homes powered by solar home systems.

It also ranks among the top three countries in Africa for the adoption of this technology.

Abderrahim El Hafidi, acting director-general of ONEE, said: “The solar home system project will help us provide over 99% of our rural communities in Morocco with electricity.

“These remote, off-grid communities are often faced with challenging conditions in energy access, but this initiative is providing over 95,000 people with electricity through customised renewable energy solutions.”

Aiding solar home system ranking

Aiding Morocco’s ranking is an Abu Dhabi-based renewable energy company, Masdar, which has completed the installation of a landmark off-grid solar power project.

This project extends energy access to 19,438 homes in more than 1,000 rural villages in Morocco. Read more: IRENA appoints Commission for geographical energy transformation

“Morocco is a showcase for progressive policies and regulations that enable the adoption of renewable energy, and for effective public-private cooperation,” Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, chief executive officer of Masdar, said.

“This has paved the way for our partnership with ONEE to deliver the Morocco Solar Home Systems.”

Each of the installed systems delivered for the project consists of:

  • Two solar panels of 290-watt total capacity;
  • Two batteries with a total capacity of 300Ah (with storage capacity for up to three days);
  • One charge controller;
  • A supply of energy-efficient LED lamps; and
  • A 165-litre refrigerator and electric sockets.

Masdar will maintain the solar home systems for two years through an Engineering Procurement and Construction contract with ONEE.

After this period, ONEE will manage the network for an additional eight years. Each home-owner contributes a small monthly fee towards the upkeep of the technology.


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