Featured image: Saint Louis power station. Credit: AfDB

The refurbishment of the old Saint Louis power station has brought a breath of fresh air to those working at and living in the north west of Mauritius.

The renovation of the machinery has addressed the electricity supply shortages, which enabled by financial assistance from the African Development Bank.

According to the bank, for years, the power station, the country’s main electricity production plant, flooded the town’s 1,500 inhabitants and 2,000 workers with noisy and gaseous emissions, leading to discomfort and ill health.

However, the renovation which included optimised stack height and new engines, has improved the air quality.

A noise wall has also built been adjacent to the plant to reduce the noise, and the plant now generates a reliable power supply with far fewer emissions from the generating sets and its auxiliaries.

Improved energy capacity

The redevelopment of Saint Louis Power Station has helped to increase the country’s existing energy reserve by 42MW and fill the gap caused by growing demand.

Mauritius has increased its installed capacity from 634MW in 2013, to 847.44MW at the end of 2018.

The AfDB noted that the industries, microenterprises, and businesses have stopped suffering from unreliable power supply, thereby galvanising economic activities and contributing to the country’s economic growth.

Josephine Ngure, the bank’s deputy director general of the southern Africa Region and Mauritius country manager, said: “The Bank is pleased to have partnered with the government of Mauritius in funding and implementing this transformative project, which was implemented on time and within budget.

“The project will contribute to ensuring that the people of Mauritius have access to a reliable source of electricity in an environmentally sustainable way.”