South African energy minister Jeff Radebe has highlighted sub-Saharan Africa as home to several of the world’s fastest-growing economies, including the Top 10.

“As SADC we want to emulate the examples of Ethiopia, Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal amongst others, and the resolution of SADC electricity challenges will prod even faster development in our region,” Radebe said during his opening address at the opening of the African Utility Week in Cape Town on Tuesday.

The Minister highlighted where South Africa is currently in terms of the energy landscape, noting the future utility model.

“As government we are forced to recognise and anticipate the risks posed by distributed generation and smart grid systems, as they upset our traditional power delivery model to municipalities and other key industrial customers.

“Today we have technological developments relating to Energy Storage, Small Scale Embedded Generation and Smart Grid systems. It is important to realize that the various energy carriers complement each other, and our challenge is to optimize the supply of secondary energy carriers, be it electricity, liquid fuels, or gas to meet the same energy demand.”

Watch this exclusive interview with the Minister and ESI Africa.