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Ivory Coast: Azito power plant to boost capacity by 30MW

GE claims that its digital solutions will help increase the Azito power plant’s output by up to 30MW and will equip the power producer with the insight it needs to increase efficiency and improve operations at the power plant.

Slated for installation in mid-2018, GE claims the software will equip Azito with deep insights and key performance indicator (KPI)-based analytics to help improve overall plant performance.

In addition to increasing power output, upgrades on the turbines are expected to deliver a combined-cycle efficiency increase, resulting in significant fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

The power solutions will also extend inspection intervals for the gas turbines, reducing maintenance and repair expense which, in turn, will reduce overall plant costs and result in improving profitability. Read more…

“As the electricity sector has undergone significant reform in Ivory Coast, new regulations have helped foster a more welcoming environment to help Ivoirians gain access to electricity,” said Luc Aye, managing director of Azito Energie.

“At the centre of this agreement with GE is our commitment to provide the people of Ivory Coast with access to more reliable electricity. With GE’s upgrade package and digital solutions, we will produce more power, improve the efficiency of the plant and reduce our carbon footprint,” Aye added.

Azito power plant upgrades

Elisee Sezan, general manager, GE’s Power Services business for sub-Saharan Africa, commented:  “With the Azito power plant producing more than a third of the electricity in Ivory Coast, these improvements will have a wide-reaching impact on the country’s energy landscape.

“Until two decades ago, the country was heavily reliant upon hydroelectric power and fell into an energy crisis when the electricity output from its dams was drastically reduced due to droughts.”

The software delivers enterprise data visibility across power plant and fleet-wide footprints, providing a holistic understanding of operational decisions. The solution also can provide operational benefits such as:

  • Improved reliability and availability via enhanced predictivity.
  • More accurate performance monitoring and forecasting.
  • Dispatch enhancement via improved visibility into plant capability.
  • Lower production costs and asset generation forecasting for improved asset dispatch.

“With GE’s Operations Optimization software, Azito will be able to improve productivity across its worldwide fleet with fact-based actions that align to KPIs,” said Narendra Asnani, Executive Sales Director, GE’s Power Services business for Sub-Saharan Africa.

“It will also enable them to tackle operational issues, meet business demand, align people and systems, and reach true plant capacity while reducing cost and downtime.”


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