The nuclear power industry will promote further sustainable development of the African continent, according to a group of nuclear experts who attended a conference in Johannesburg, South Africa earlier this week.

It was concluded that a reliable base-load power source will offer additional competitive advantages to the African industry, enabling a stronger-than-expected GDP growth, Russian nuclear corporation, Rosatom said in a company statement.

Industry growth opportunities through nuclear development

The NNP construction programme will create opportunities for local industries, according to conference chairman Dr Kelvin Kemm, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation.

Kemm highlighted that it is crucial that the South African government selects a foreign strategic partner for this initiative and that this partner should have the necessary experience and expertise and be willing to share its state-of-the-art technological solutions with the Republic of South Africa, Rosatom said in a company statement.

Nikolay Drozdov, Director of the International Business Department of Rosatom State Corporation, said: “Construction of an NPP in South Africa will help create 10,000 direct jobs; it will also generate a profit of $48.3 billion for local businesses and bring $52.5 billion in tax revenue to the national budget.”

Addressing nuclear

Earlier this week, Chairman of New Nuclear Watch Europe, Tim Yeo, highlighted that nuclear is a low carbon source of power, is a secure source, and is cost competitive.

These three elements are some of the main concerns of those with a vested interest in the energy sector, Yeo said during a televised interview with CNBC Africa on Monday.

Adding that the country has a nuclear power station, which has been running successfully since it came into commercial operation in 1984, Yeo says that should South Africa want to deliver more sustainable electricity – low carbon sources of generation – nuclear is the most reliable one available.