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IAEA encourages Namibia to pursue nuclear energy

Uranium production specialist from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Martin Fairclough, has encouraged Namibia to add nuclear energy into its energy generation mix.

Speaking to the New Era, Fairclough said it is not possible for countries to rely on one type of energy supply, as it is highly unlikely that a single source will be sufficient to guarantee long-term energy supply.

He noted: “Especially in countries such as Namibia and South Africa that are already facing challenges with regards to power supply, taking into consideration that their demand for electricity in conjunction with development will increase indefinitely.”

He also highlighted that Africa is one of the fastest growing continents and that Africa should be able to meet the demand of such growth in terms of power supply.

“Therefore, Africa needs to be encouraged to explore other alternatives such as nuclear energy to complement their current energy supply, in which uranium could be the alternative to balance the energy mix,”  Fairclough said.

Policy supporting nuclear energy

The IAEA official emphasised that governments should also create an environment for investment in nuclear power, including professional independent regulatory regime, policies on nuclear waste management and decommissioning, and involvement with international non-proliferation measures. Read more…

He added that this will not only guarantee power supply, but will also maximise benefits for development of nuclear especially for developing countries.

According to the New Era, Namibia produces about 10% of the world’s uranium, however, the country imports about 60% of its electricity needs that cost about N$2.6 billion ($151,804) annually.


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