Five-part dialogue on nuclear energy

At a high-level panel of senior political figures and experts from leading international energy organisations, the IEA’s chief economist Laszlo Varro said the organisation’s analysis “clearly shows” that nuclear power has an important role in making the energy transition “more cost-effective and more energy secure”.

To this end, the Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa (NIASA) in partnership with ESI Africa, invites you to a digital dialogue five-part series on the nuclear energy position.

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Localisation and Job Creation

4 November 2020 | 12h30 GMT

Dialogue overview

  • Nuclear localisation
  • Credible localisation levels on 2,500MW
  • Koeberg upgrade MPR CISF
  • International experience
  • Skills development


  • Meta Mhlarhi, Chairperson, Black Energy Professionals Association
  • Mologadi Kekana, Vice President, Women in Nuclear South Africa (WINSA)
  • Israel Sekoko, Executive Chairperson, South African Young Nuclear Professionals Society (SAYNPS)

Apocalypse Now or Never the role of nuclear in green energy future

10 November 2020 | 13h00 GMT

Dialogue with Michael Shellenberger, the best-selling author of “Apocalypse Never”, dedicated to the importance of Nuclear Science & Technology Applications for the development of any country. Michael is an American author, environmental policy writer, co-founder of Breakthrough Institute and founder of Environmental Progress.

Dialogue overview

  • Is human activity leading to mass Extinction of various species
  • Is the planet facing an immediate apocalypse situation
  • How are humans negatively affecting the planet
  • What is the role of energy in mitigating climate change
  • What is the role of nuclear in mitigating climate change

Watch the recordings below:

Unpacking South Africa’s 2,500 MW “no regret” Nuclear Decision

Unpacking South Africa’s multi-purpose reactor (MPR) Ambition

Big Block nuclear power plant vs small modular reactors SMR