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The hubbub of manufacturing and commerce might be dulled, but have you found yourself spinning out of control from the high level of virtual traffic ‘noise’?

Originally published in the ESI Africa weekly newsletter on 13/05/2020

In the past seven weeks, many of us have been in lockdown physically with online meetings, attending webinars, liaising through WhatsApp groups, and managing our day-to-day inbox alongside much-needed family time.

I want to sift through some of this noise for you and highlight news you might have missed.

First, this week we launched the second edition of ESI Africa for 2020. I’ve just been informed that the printing house is now open and you should receive your soft copy in June. If you’ve not subscribed and want to get hold of the next edition use this link to send your request.

For those who are open to reading e-zines, the full magazine is available at this hyperlink. I recommend viewing the e-zine for the visual effect, which is why I still love receiving a print copy.

Second, on my list is on the topic of maintenance—as nothing beats a healthy asset maintenance plan. This was the topic of discussion in a webinar yesterday where four experts unpacked some of the challenges such as how to undertake maintenance plans even though there is a strain on finances. You can access the recording here.

Lastly, since the extended pandemic lockdown, I’ve found solace in the opportunity to empower myself with new knowledge. Rolls-Royce has opened its digital skills training programme for people of all ages and industries. The courses range from bite-size 20-minute sessions to certified training programmes. I’ve opted to enrol for the snippets of information.

Remember to subscribe for a copy of the journal and have fun learning something new.

Until next time!