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Day two highlights: Enlit Africa digital event, 27 October

Day two of the Enlit Africa digital event gathered a diverse mix of speakers to talk about everything from the resilience of municipal energy structures to how fairly and equitably digital access is available to everyone.

The Initiate Young Talent Challenge Finalists got a chance to show off what they can do. Enlit Africa also showcased its collaboration with Smarter Mobility Africa by taking a look at the future of e-mobility in the Southern African Development Community.

On the technical side, we looked at the practical side of using waste heat and the mechanics of steam turbines and compressors.

On the Enlit Africa programme

Municipal Energy Resilience in South Africa

  • Tilana de Meillon, International Finance Corporation

Digital equity: Ensuring that digital advances are equitable and just

The digital divide between the rural and urban population is ever-increasing and meaningful policies and African specific innovations need to be at the forefront of rectifying this. Digital experts gave various insights on how digital access is not enough, we need to ensure that the access is affordable and meaningful.

  • Josephine Miliza, Africa Regional Coordinator, Community Networks Project, Association for Progressive Communications, said: “Just because someone has access to the internet, does that mean that they can fully experience the digital world. Is the infrastructure in place providing meaningful interaction? Digital adaption mustn’t just be a commercial endeavor but really work to uplift all.”
  • Leila Rwagasana, Director of Partnerships, Irembo, said: “It is important to include everyone in the process of digitilisation. People driven processes are crucial”
  • Onica Makwakwa, Head: Africa region, Alliance for Affordable Internet, World Wide Web Foundation, said: “We need to innovative for Africa and not based on Western models. Africa’s next Amazon could be the Marabastad market and we need to innovate for that and not constantly seek to replicate western models.”

Initiate Young Talent Challenge: Innovation and the role of Africa’s youth in rolling out green energy

SMA session: SADC future of e-mobility: EVs as enablers of a new energy paradigm

  • Edem Foli, Programme Manager, uYilo Electric Mobility Programme
  • Fadiel Ahjum, Researcher: Department of Chemical Engineering at Energy Systems Research Group
  • Dr Deon Cloete, Head: Futures Programme at SA Institute of International Affairs

Howden compressors and turbines

  • Shane Janse van Vuuren, General Manager: Compressors and Turbines, Howden

KK & K Steam Turbines

  • Renato Lopes, Manager: Furnaces & Incinerators, Gas Compression and Refrigeration, Howden

Upcycling heat to clean electricity

  • Axel Weihe, Managing Director, Weihe Gmbh, Germany 
  • Hermann Röhm, Head of Power Applications Global, Orcan Energy, Germany 

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