Energy solution
Image credit: Zest WEG

A generator set installation at a Cape Town private hospital will soon be commissioned providing a plug-and-play energy solution with high reliability and minimal downtime.

“In a design that suited the hospital’s severe space constraints, Zest WEG built the generator, transformer and remote radiator into special ISO shipping containers in a double-stack configuration,” stated Johannes Nel, operations manager – production at Zest WEG.

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Backup power

Nel added: “The contract also included the refurbishment of the client’s existing 1,000 kVA 400V MTU open-type generator, which was included in the solution.”

The new genset expands the hospital’s standby generating capacity to 1 MVA continuous rating, allowing 100% of the institution’s functions to continue as normal during periods of loadshedding.

Nel also highlights that reliable supply was key to the hospital’s safe and efficient operation, whether from mains or back-up supply.

According to a company statement, in order to reduce the project lead time as much as possible, the delivery of certain imported components was arranged well in advance.

About the containerised energy solution

The containerised solution was constructed and extensively tested at the Zest WEG genset manufacturing facility in Epping, saving time during installation.

“It was critical that any downtime be kept to an absolute minimum, as hospitals need to run continuously,” said Nel, adding, “with our expertise, product range and experience in the health sector, our design, installation and commissioning strategy was able to align closely with this priority.”

A dry-type step-up transformer allows the generator to connect to the 11kV council electricity supply council supply, which will reduce hospital downtime during commissioning.

The resin-sealed transformer also provides a long-lasting solution with low maintenance and a high safety factor due to the absence of oil as a coolant.

Nel explains that another vital concern was the hospital’s proximity to a residential area, demanding that the noise level of the generator be kept within strict limits. This requirement was successfully achieved during testing, with the noise level kept within 65 decibels at a distance of seven metres.

In addition to conducting a complete engine rewiring, Zest WEG also upgraded the generator controller, giving the customer improved ability to monitor the generator’s operation during load-shedding.

He says the modern controls help protect the generator and optimise the lifespan of critical equipment.

While certain aspects of the contract’s timing have been affected by COVID-19 lockdown regulations, the final commissioning and handover to the client is projected for the end of May.